Choosing the Right Caterer in Cabbage Town and Toronto

A quick check through your local phone book will probably show you that there are literally dozens of caterers waiting for you to call them for your event. The food is what will make or break many different occasions, so if you are the person in charge of organizing the social event then getting the right caterer is at the very top of your to do list. But just how can you go about ensuring that you get the right caterer for your event? Well, in this article we will go over a few pointers.

Look for experience.

Some of us will have the fortune of knowing individuals who say they can whip together the appropriate food for any occasion and then come through and put out the perfect meal. For most of us, however, any event we are planning for, from an office party to the celebration of a friend's new Bay Street condos, will have to be catered by a stranger. As we said above, there are plenty of businesses that can cater, but you need to find the one that will best fit your event. The first key is finding out just which ones have been around the longest.

A general rule of business is that companies that have been around for a while have that longevity because they provide exactly what their clients expect, and catering companies are no exception. Catering companies that have a good history have been able to survive because they come through for the people that hire them every time, so established companies are a good place to start your short list for caterers at your event.

Ask them about their specific experience.

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Now, not all events are the same when it comes to catering. Weddings, business lunches, birthday parties, and big events all call for different types of presentations and food, and that means the caterer you choose should have experience catering to the specific occasion that you have in mind. Ask the contact person how many of this type of event they have catered in the last year; anywhere from two and up is a good indication that the caterer will be able to come through for you. Do they strictly cater to weddings or do they have windows Whitby convention experience as well?

Finally, ask exactly what the caterers will provide with their stated quote. Many caterers don't include beverages, including coffee and tea, in their prices, and you don't want that coming as a nasty surprise ten minutes before everyone is ready to eat! Some caterers are much more than caterers and can supply everything from dessert to tents, and if the price fits these are definitely the companies that you want to go with for your event.


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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